What are the advantages of dryer stripper

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In paper production, mainly in the production of toilet paper, the adhesion between the paper and the dryer is a major problem in the production, because in the drying process, once the paper and the dryer are too tight, it is difficult to completely remove . Therefore, the dryer release agent was invented.

 This is a product designed to facilitate the peeling of paper and dryer. The composition function of the desiccant stripper is to play a good lubrication and isolation effect, so that the desiccant can use the dryer stripper to pull the paper out quickly and conveniently, which also has a good effect on the integrity of the entire paper.

  is also a material of high quality and low price. The cost is not high, but the effect is very strong, so it is very popular. Now we can see that this product has been widely used in various cardboard manufacturing industries and has conquered this market with its high cost performance.

 Desiccant is also a relatively stable material. It is not easily affected by temperature and has the characteristics of fast drying. Therefore, it can play a role in many different environments and temperatures, so that people can obtain satisfactory results when using this product.

 It can be seen that the use of desiccant is relatively simple and convenient. As long as the peeling agent is pre-coated in the dryer or the dryer peeling agent is directly added to the pulp, it can play a better role in changing the papermaking process.

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