CRM-1301 Formaldehyde-free fixing agent

CRM-1301 Formaldehyde-free fixing agent

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  • Product overview
  • Technical specifications
  • Performance characteristics
  • Usage tips
  • Packing and storage

Product overview

    This product is a strong cationic electrolyte, safe, non-toxic, soluble in water, non-flammable, strong cohesion, stable hydrolysis, no gel, pH change is not sensitive, chlorine resistance.The freezing point is about -2.8℃, the specific gravity is about 1.04g/cm³, and the decomposition temperature is 280-300℃.This product is medium molecular weight, high charge density, and other non-ionic, cationic surfactant has a certain compatibility.Without formaldehyde, it can form film on the fabric and has strong color fixation ability. It can improve the fastness of dyeing and make the fabric color bright.

Technical specifications

·       Appearance: Colorless to light yellow viscous liquid

·       Solids content: 40±1 

·       pH value: 5-7

·       Viscosity (25℃): 8000-12000 cps

Performance characteristics

     Reactive dyes and direct dyes solid or printed fabric color, especially suitable for cotton, linen and other natural fabrics solid, non-toxic tasteless, safe and environmental protection.

Usage tips

Before going on the machine, do a small test to determine the method and dosage.

Reference process and dosage:

Suction method: pH value was adjusted to 4-5 and treated at 55-60℃ for 15 minutes

·        Light color:                  0.3-0.5% (O.W.F) drying

·        Medium color              0.5-1.0% (O.W.F) drying

·        Dark color                   1.0-2.0% (O.W.F) drying

Impregnation method:

·        Light color                  2.5-5 g/l

·        Medium color             5 -10 g/l

·        Dark color                  10-20 g/l

Packing and storage

·       PE plastic drum 125 kg.Sealed packaging, sealed storage, avoid contact with oxidant.

·       Valid for two years, it can be transported as non-dangerous goods.