AKD Waterproofing Glue (EMULSION FORM)

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Paper is a material that is very sensitive to moisture, especially the types of paper are used in printing. The standard humidity for best preservation of paper is about 50%. However, with the humid tropical monsoon climate and high humidity all year in our country, this has a significant impact on the production and preservation of all types of paper. Paper produced in an environment with high humidity will easily become wet, loose, moldy, faded, etc. especially printing paper.


If you do not use the correct type of dehumidifying/anti-humidifying chemicals during the paper production process, it will seriously affect the quality of your product

On the other hand, in the process of producing paper, when it is not glued, it will easily absorb moisture, deformation or after gluing, the reaction speed is slow, affects paper quality, affects the printing, pressing, and processing processes. Especially in the summer, the gelling condition becomes even more unstable when using conventional emulsions. To solved the problem of paper absorbing moisture, which will cause the paper to deform (warped, wavy, etc.), it is necessary to use AKD waterproofing glue during the paper production process, contributing to improving paper quality and preserving it well for a long time.

1.      How AKD waterproof glue works?

AKD waterproofing glue is an emulsion, operating on the principle of forming durable Copolymer bonds on fibers, thereby forming a hydrophobic membrane, making the paper waterproof.

o   Absorbing fibers: AKD waterproofing glue has a fast reaction speed, forming absorption with fibers by electrostatic attraction in the powder suspension.

o   Creating durable Copolymer bonds: AKD molecular groups will chemically react with the OH groups (hydroxyl groups) of cellulose to form durable Copolymer bonds that are fixed on the fibers.

o   Forming a hydrophobic film: When the paper tape is dried, the absorbed AKD will melt and spread evenly to cover the paper surface. The chemical reaction is carried out under the influence of heat, there will be a rearrangement of the molecules so that the hydrophobic ends of the molecules will face outside the paper surface. From there, a hydrophobic film is formed, increasing the waterproofing properties of the paper surface.

Depending on customer requirements (Paper type, quantity, paper quality criteria, ..) and conditions of the Factory (technology, powder mixing ratio, need to optimize production costs, . ..) which waterproofing agents are used in the paper folding process in different ways.


2.      Applications of AKD Waterproofing Glue in Paper Production:

o   Increases paper's water resistance: Increases surface durability and maintains perfect moisture for paper.

o   Prevents paper from deforming: Using waterproofing glue helps the paper to be less deformed, improves paper quality and preserves well for a long time.

o   Support for paper production process: Ensure paper does not absorb moisture during printing, photo-pressing, and processing in the summer.

Using waterproofing measures for paper is extremely necessary for the paper production process. In addition to the outstanding advantages mentioned above, AKD Waterproofing Glue also has a fast reaction speed, high stability, and provides extremely good water resistance for paper, moisture resistance, helping to minimize the situation of paper being damaged. yellowing, reducing brittleness and enhancing the shine of paper. Furthermore, the usage method is extremely simple, the product has a long shelf life and is suitable for many different types of paper.

Understand the importance of paper moisture absorption during the paper production process. CRM Technology Co., Ltd. (Vietnam) has researched the production and supply of AKD Waterproofing Agent to make the paper production process more convenient and efficient.


CRM Technology Company (Vietnam) is currently producing and trading two lines of AKD waterproofing products: AKD - 2000 and AKD - 1600. Depending on the different needs of customers, apply the characteristics of each species

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