BK -602 Blanket cleaning agent

BK -602 Blanket cleaning agent

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  • Product overview
  • Technical specifications
  • Performance characteristics
  • Usage tips
  • Packing and storage

Product overview

     Our BK -602 cleaner can settle the felt dirt and embossing.It have very strong ability in damping,permeating,emulsion,dispersing,suspension, anti-redeposition,antistatic and etc.It can completely clean the blockage on felts and dirts with complex ingredients on felts,fourdrinier and cylinder vat machine.It can also recover the permeating of felts,unclog the their meshes,increase their  air permeability,improve the speed of machine,decrease the energy consuming amount,increase the paper quality and output.It is also time-saving,water-saving,ease-to-use,does not damage the felt,and is not corresive to the machine. It can clean the felt overally or partially.The felt life span can be prolonged to once to three times.It is economical because it will decrease the cost production of factory.   

Technical specifications

ü  Appearance:colorless or light yellow liquid  

ü  PH:10-14

ü  Viscosity(25ºC):≤30mPa.s

ü  Olubility:easily soluble in cold water

Performance characteristics

Ø To spray the cleaner evenly onto the felt and use more cleaner for flet parts with more dirts.

Ø Heating steam is necessary if there are resin adhesive and heavy dirts. 

Usage tips

1.   Consumption: 0.1-0.3kg/ dry net. 

2.   Conduct 10-50 times dilution with water before use, directly spray it on the surface of dry net at crawling speed of paper machine, then operate the blanket for 10-20 minutes at the crawling speed, and finally thoroughly rinse blanket; or conduct online continuous washing. 

Packing and storage

     It is packaged in 200kg and 1,000kg plastic bucket and is stored in cool place. Guarantee period: 12 months. 

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