CRM-9801 Deinking agent

CRM-9801 Deinking agent

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  • Product overview
  • Technical specifications
  • Performance characteristics
  • Usage tips
  • Packing and storage

Product overview

      CRM-9801 is a kind of new-developed high efficient deinking agent in view of chao waste papers and related inks.Its main raw materials are imported ink decomposition agent,ink capturing agent,emulsifier,complexing agent and enzyme agent and etc.It has super stronger ink capturing ability and performs better in permeability,removing and flocculation than traditional deinking agent.It is widely used in the deinking process of waste papers from USA,Europe,Japan and China local. 

Technical specifications

·       Appearance: Light yellow to dark brown liquid

·       pH value: 4-8

·       Effective ingredients: ≥ 98%

·       Solubility: Easily soluble in cold water

Performance characteristics

1.    CRM-9801 can be applied in any kinds of ink. The dosage  is only as little as 0.5 to 1.5 kg per mt of waste paper. It can decrease the deinking cost dramatically, get higher fiber yield, less paper dusts, higher whiteness. The paper quality will be improved greatly.

2.    It has medium foam during the flotation process and easy to use. It can be added continuously before flotation cells. It is environment-friendly because of less pollution to the resulted waste water. 

Usage tips

1.   Dosage: 0.5 to 1.5kg per mt of waste paper. Pulping temperature: 500C-600C

2.   Pulping pH: 10- 10.5. It is easy to use and can be add into flotation cells directly or be added continuously before flotation cells

Packing and storage

·       The package is 200 liters plastic drum or 1000 liters IBC drum and should be stored in dry place with better ventilation. Thestratification precipitation or color change resulted from too low temperature will not influence the normal application

·       The shelf life time is 12 months