S130A Fatty Alcohol Defoaming Agent

S130A Fatty Alcohol Defoaming Agent

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  • Product overview
  • Technical specifications
  • Performance characteristics
  • Usage tips
  • Packing and storage

Product overview

1.   It is made from higher aliphatic alcohol, senior fatty acid modified polyether, emulsifier, etc. through physico-chemical method; 

2.   It is outstanding in eliminate the bubble; 

3.   It is easy to disperse in water. 

Technical specifications

ü Appearance: White to yellowish emulsion 

ü pH value: 6

ü Solid content: 30±2% 

ü Viscosity (25): 1002,000mpa.s 

Performance characteristics

1.   The white water cycle process of papermaking factory is specially recommended to the papermaking at middle and low temperature, such as toilet paper, printing-and-writing paper, etc.; 

2.   It is used for cation water treatment (including the water treatment with permeable membrane); 

3.   It is used for desalination of the power plant's circulating water and seawater; 

4.   It is used for the desulfurization defoaming in dry and wet method, the addition of water-reducing agent, etc. 

Usage tips

Ø The antifoaming agent has excellent foam elimination and inhibition performance, and can be added to product after foam generation or as foam inhibition components. Based on different use systems, the additive amount of defoaming agent can be 10~100ppm. The optimal additive amount is determined by customers through test according to specific condition. 

Ø Defoaming agent product can be used directly or after dilution. If the defoaming agent can be fully mixed and dispersed in the foaming system, it can be directly added, without dilution. If defoaming agent needs to be diluted, the dilution shall be subject to the method provided by the technicians. It is unwise to dilute products directly with water, because the layered demulsification, etc. easily occur, thus influencing the product quality. 

Packing and storage

Ø The product is packaged with 25Kg, 50Kg, 120Kg or 200Kg plastic barrel. The packing materials can be negotiated in case of special requirements. 

Ø The product shall be stored at 0~30. Please do not place it near heat sources or insolate it in sunshine. Please do not add acid, alkali, salt, etc. to the product. Seal the container in case of nonuse to avoid being polluted by harmful bacteria. Mix it evenly in case of layering due to long-term placement, and the use effect will not be influenced in general. It is stored according to the storage method of general chemicals. It shall be sealed as guaranteed after use to avoid deterioration. 

Ø The guarantee period of product at the suggested storage temperature and without sealing, lasts for 6 months from the production date. 

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