S150 Polyether defoaming agent
  • Product overview
  • Technical specifications
  • Performance characteristics
  • Usage tips
  • Packing and storage

Product overview

1.   This product is mainly made of epoxy copolymerization of several fatty alcohols.

2.   The basic properties of the foaming system are not affected due to its strong anti-foaming and anti-foaming effect.

3.   Good heat resistance, stable chemical properties, no corrosion, no toxic, no adverse side effects.

Technical specifications

·        Appearance: Transparent liquid or light yellow liquid

·        Viscosity (25ºC) : 100 ~ 800 mPa.s

·        Solids content: 100%

Performance characteristics

     The white water in the wet end of papermaking, and the medium temperature white water system is more effective.

Usage tips

  • The antifoaming agent has excellent foam elimination and inhibition performance, and can be added to product after foam generation or as foam inhibition components. The additive amount of defoaming agent can be 10~100ppm. The optimal additive amount is determined by customers through test according to specific condition

  • Defoaming agent product can be used directly or after dilution. If the product can be fully stirred and dispersed in foaming system, and can be directly added without dilution. If it needs to be diluted, it can't be directly diluted with water, otherwise the layering, demulsification, etc. Easily occur, thus influencing the product quality. For consequences generated due to direct dilution with water or process of use of the product in other incorret methods, our company doesn't undertake the responsibilities

Packing and storage

·       This product is packed in 25kg, 50kg or 200kg plastic drums. If you have special requirements, you can negotiate and customize.

·       This product is suitable for storage at 0~30℃, and do not place it near a heat source or expose it to sunlight. Do not add acid, alkali, salt and other substances to this product. Seal the container when not in use. If there is stratification after long-term storage, stir it evenly. Generally, the effect will not be affected.

·       According to general chemical storage methods. Ensure that it is sealed after use.

·       Under the recommended storage temperature and unopened packaging conditions, the shelf life is 12 months from the date of production.