SA-2600 Surface sizing agent

SA-2600 Surface sizing agent

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  • Product overview
  • Technical specifications
  • Performance characteristics
  • Usage tips
  • Packing and storage

Product overview

     With the rapid development of China's economy, it has been the trend to change the sizing process of traditional box board paper and corrugated board from the combination method of traditional internal sizing and surface sizing into complete surface sizing. Our company has developed new AKD modified surface sizing agent SA2600 through concentrated development for many years. The product is aggregated by various cation materials through special process and added the cross-linking resin synergist. The product can greatly boost the sizing effect, reduce the AKD hydrolysis and improve paper moisture regaining. The product not only can provide excellent high water-resistance performance, but also can boost the surface strength of paper. The product is used in the box board paper and high-strength corrugated paper produced from waste carton. 

Technical specifications

·       Appearance: Milky white liquid 

·       Solids content: 25 ±1% 

·       pH value: 2-4 

·       Viscosity: ≤ 50 mPa.s (25 oC) 

·       Ionic type: Cation 

·       Solubility: Soluble in water.

Performance characteristics

1.    It owns excellent water resistance performance and thermal water resistance performance. 

2.    It can shorten the curing time, and isn't easy to regain moisture. 

3.    The consumption of internal sizing agent is reduced to decrease production cost. 

4.    It can significantly improve the interface strength of paper. 

5.   Compared with the Cation styrene acrylic surface sizing agent, the product reduces its dependence on aluminum sulfate. The less or no aluminum sulfate can be used to improve the paper folding resistance. 

6.    The product is good in mechanical stability, and few bubbles are generated in the operation process. 

7.    The product can be used separately or matches with styrene acrylic surface sizing agent. 

Usage tips

·       Consumption: In case of separate use, 2-6 kg/ton paper is used. In case of matching with styrene acrylic surface sizing agent, the 1-3 kg/ton paper is used. The specific consumption needs to be adjusted according to the water absorption indicator requirements. 

·   During use, the pasted starch glue solution is cooled to below 65°C, and the stock solution of the product is added to the starch glue solution tank, and is mixed evenly before sizing; Or the metering pump is used to add starch glue solution to pipeline for continuous adding. 

·       Starch glue solution can be added aluminum sulfate or not according to the actual conditions. The PH value of glue solution in glue solution tank is controlled at 3.5-4.5 upon the use of aluminum sulfate. In case of matching with styrene acrylic surface sizing agent, the aluminum sulfate of glue solution in sizing tank is controlled at 3.5-4. 

Packing and storage

      It is packaged in 200kg and 1000kg plastic bucket and is stored in cool place (5-30°C) to avoid freezing and solarization. Storage life: 3 months