WH-301 Surface-enhanced sizing agent

WH-301 Surface-enhanced sizing agent

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  • Product overview
  • Technical specifications
  • Performance characteristics
  • Usage tips
  • Packing and storage

Product overview

     WH-301 surface-enhanced sizing agent, as a new generation of water-resistant surface sizing agent researched and developed by our company, can effectively combine starch and endow starch favorable cross-linking strength and hydrophobic performance. The product is small in additive amount, low in cost, convenient in use, etc. It, due to favorable membrane forming, significantly improves the surface strength of wood-free printed paper, electrostatic copy paper, ivory board, etc. and reaches the excellent water resistance effect. This product has good compatibility with various chemicals, and can be compatible with starch, direct dye, acid dyes, fluorescent brightener and other anions or nonionic materials. 

Technical specifications

·        Appearance: Light brown liquid 

·        Solids content: 30±1% 

·        pH value: 3-5 

·        Viscosity: ≤ 50 mpa.s (25oC) 

·        Ionic type: Anion 

·        Solubility: Freely soluble in cold water 

Performance characteristics

1.   It can effectively improve the paper surface strength and smoothness, and can restrain hair and power shedding; 

2.   It can reach the excellent water resistance effect, without maturation period, and isn't easy to regain moisture; 

3.   It can coordinate with native starches to reduce the sizing cost; 

4.   It has excellent mechanical stability and generates little bubble in operation process. 

5.   The product can be compatible with dyes, fluorescent brighteners and other anions or nonionic materials, with good compatibility. 

Usage tips

·       Consumption: 1-5 kg/ton paper. 

·   During use, the pasted starch liquid is cooled to below 70°C, and the stock solution of the product is slowly added to the mixing tank at the mixing status, and is mixed evenly before sizing; Or the metering pump is used to continuously add the stock solution before starch sizing. 

Packing and storage

·       It is packaged in 200kg and 1000kg plastic bucket and is stored in cool place (4-30°C) to avoid freezing and solarization. 

·       Storage life: 6 months