SS-3030 Styrene acrylic surface sizing agent

SS-3030 Styrene acrylic surface sizing agent

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  • Product overview
  • Technical specifications
  • Performance characteristics
  • Usage tips
  • Packing and storage

Product overview

    SS-3030 is a kind of effective cationic styrene acrylic emulsion that co-polymerized by styrene, acrylate & kinds of polymers via special production process. It can be effectively matched with starch and let starch layer perform better in cross-linking strength and  hydrophobicity. Less dosage,lower-cost,better surface sizing effect and convenience are main characteristics of SS-3030. It is widely used in the production of corrugated paper, paperboard, white board paper, craft paper and etc

Technical specifications

·       Appearance: Light brown liquid  

·       Effective solids content: 30 ±1%

·       pH: 2-5     

·       Viscosity: ≤ 50 mpa.s (25ºC)

·       Ionic Type: Cationic   

·       Solubility : Soluble easily

Performance characteristics

1      To improve the water-resistance & RCT significantly of corrugated paper, paperboard and etc.

2      To totally replace internal sizing agent, no need aging process and will not let paper get damp.

3      Can be used together with starch so as to decrease the sizing cost.

4      Have better mechanical stability and less resulted foams during production process.

Usage tips

·       Dosage: 1-2 kg/ ton of paper

·       To add SS-3030 directly and slowly into mixing tank after the temperature of gelatinized starch decrease to 75ºC.It can be used in sizing machine after it is evenly stirred.It can also be added contentiously via meter pulp into starch before the gelatinized starch is used in sizing machine. 

Packing and storage

·       The package is 200 Liters or 1000 Liters IBC drums. It should be stored in cool place. And avoid frozen or sunshine environment.

·       The shelf life time is 6 months.