WS-4089 Wet strength agent
  • Product overview
  • Technical specifications
  • Performance characteristics
  • Usage tips
  • Packing and storage

Product overview

     WS-4089 is a kind of cationic polymer of polyamide & epichlorohydrin. It can be retentioned via effectively being attracted by pulps with negative charges at fast speed. The thermosetting chemical reaction will be resulted in at the dry section of dryer. The high wet strength of paper is from the stable chemical binding

Technical specifications

·       Appearance: Light yellow transparent liquid

·       Ionic type: Cation 

·       Solids content: 12.5 ±0.5%  

·       pH: 3-5

·       Viscosity(25ºC): ≤ 100 mPa.s

Performance characteristics

     WS-4089 is easily absorbed by fibers and can be gelatinized at medium or alkaline conditions. It is widely used in  papers that need higher wet strength, such as  tissues paper, decoration base paper, coated paper, map paper, food package paper, fruit bag paper, medical paper.

Usage tips

    1.   Dosage: 5 kg to 30 kg for each mt of absolute dry pulp (or as per paper sheet situation)

    2.   It can be used in paper making afte adding into head box continuously via meter pump 

    3.   It performs best at neutral and alkaline conditions.

Packing and storage

·       The package can be 200 Liters, 1000 Liters drum or as per clients' requests. It should be stored in cold place.

·       The shelf life time is around 6 months.