CRM-8501 Emulsion retention agent

CRM-8501 Emulsion retention agent

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  • Product overview
  • Technical specifications
  • Performance characteristics
  • Usage tips
  • Packing and storage

Product overview

  CRM-8501 is an organic polymer compound of cation-quaternary- -ammonium-salt type.The advanced technology and raw materials are from developed countries.The characteristics are as below:The effective concentration is 10 times or 15 times higher than common retention acid liquid.It has better fluidity,easy&fast dissolution,no caking or granularity phenomenon.It has very good adaptability and can adapt to kinds of papers of kinds of pulps.

Product function mechanism during the paper-making process

1.   To neutralize the paper surface charge.The pulp and filler are of negative charges and the charges can be neutralized and decreased by adding into CRM-8501so as to form micro-floc when the potential towards zero.

2.   To be inlaying effect.The electrostatic of positive charge on CRM-8501 surface can attract pulps and fillers whose surface is of negative charges. 

3.   To be bridging effect.Higher molecular weight and longer enough molecular chain will result in bridging between fines and fillers so as to form micro-floc.

4.   The micro-floc of fines and fillers will decrease the porous structure blockages of wet paper layers and increase the  permeability properties of papers.

Technical specifications

ü Appearance:milky white liquid

ü Solid content:38±1%

ü pH:5-7

ü Viscosity :<500mPa.s

ü Bulk Density:1.17-1.21

Performance characteristics

1.   To increase the retention rate of paper fines and fillers dramatically so as to decrease the pulp consuming qty.

2.   To decrease the concentration of whitewater,wastage of fines&fillers and the whitewater pollution.

3.   To increase the permeability properties of pulp and the wet strength of paper.To increase the production speed of paper-making machines so as to increase the production.

4.   Without any pungent odor.And has better fluidity under lower temperature


Usage tips

1.   Dosage:around 0.3kg to 0.8 kg per mt paper(adjust as per different pulps and production processes)

2.   To add CRM-8501 evenly and slowly into dilution tank with ready water. And add additional water till requested qty(the dilution concentration of CRM-8501 is usually 1‰-3‰).

3.   To stir the diluted concentration for around 20 to 30 minutes before entering into paper-making system via flow pump.

Packing and storage

Ø The package is 200 Liters plastic drum or 1000 Liters IBC drums or as per clients' requests.

Ø It should be stored between -5ºC-30ºC.The shelf life time is 6 months.

Ø To wave the CRM-8501 before dilution and the diluted liquid can be stored 3 days at most.

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