CRM-7300 Dryer stripper
  • Product overview
  • Technical specifications
  • Performance characteristics
  • Usage tips
  • Packing and storage

Product overview

    This product can be widely used in writing paper, Shuangjiao Zhi, toilet paper, light paper, aluminum platinum liner, corrugated base paper, paperboard, fruit bag paper and other paper. Has the following advantages:

1.   Completely solve the paper cylinder in the cylinder problem, keep the system clean, paper without oil spots. Can play a good peeling, lubrication, light effect.

2.   Can reduce the paper break, hair loss, powder phenomenon. A greater increase in the smoothness of the paper, gloss, does not affect the strength of paper, paper quality to improve, and the dryer wrinkle scraper has a good lubrication protection, to extend the life of the scraper

3.   With less, simple operation, cost-effective than imported products, excellent product characteristics for a variety of high-speed paper machine production process.

Technical specifications

ü Appearance: light yellow to amber liquid

ü Active Ingredients: 99%

ü Viscosity: (25 ºC) ≤50mpa.s

ü Solubility: cold water soluble

Performance characteristics

1.   Deinking of the residual ink and other impurities in the dryer caused by heat stick cylinder, paste cylinder.

2.   To increase the strength of the paper added to the cationic starch caused.

3.   Small fiber, resin glue is not completely removed clean.

4.   Dispersant, wet strength agent, dry strength agent also occurs when the sticky cylinder.

5.   When the mortar than the pressure is too large, the temperature rise is too high will make the resin in the slurry precipitation, especially domestic wood pulp, resin content is relatively high, can also cause sticky cylinder.

Usage tips

1.   The goods in proportion to the temperature of 30-100 times the temperature dilution, diluted with a high-pressure pump directly on the surface of the dryer or add to the pool can be used, can also be used to uniformly apply the measuring roller dryer surface.

2.   The amount of general is: 0.2-1.0kg / ton dry pulp, but also according to the specific divisions as appropriate increase or decrease.

Packing and storage

·        50kg, 200kg, 1000kg plastic drum. Store in a cool place to avoid freezing and exposure.

·        Shelf life: 12 months.

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