CRM-8909 Bactericide

CRM-8909 Bactericide

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  • Product overview
  • Technical specifications
  • Performance characteristics
  • Usage tips
  • Packing and storage

Product overview

     New efficient environmental protection fungicide is the new patented product developed and researched by our company. The product mainly plays a role in absorbing the negatively charged bacteria by cation through electrostatic force, hydrogen bonding force, hydrophobic combination between surfactant molecules and protein molecules to focus them on the cell wall, further generating chamber resistance effect and causing bacteria death due to inhibition of growth; In the meanwhile, the hydrophobic alkyl can also react to the hydrophilic group of bacteria to change the permeability of membrane, then generates the lysis, destroys the cellular structure and causes the dissolution and death of cells. Such kind of fungicide is efficient, non-toxic, isn't influenced by the change of ph value, convenient in use, strong in stripping slime layer, stable in chemical performance, favorable in dispersion and corrosion inhibition, etc. 

     It can be widely applied in the paper pulp and paper making coating in papermaking industry; For the coating of internal and external wall, sewage treatment, industrial recycling cooling water system, textile industry, etc., it can be directly added to the coating process, or be added to the water slurry system in the paper making process to effectively control the fungus reproduction, paper pulp mildew, etc. 

Technical specifications

·       Appearance: Colorless to yellowish transparent liquid 

·       Proportion: 1.02±0.05

·       pH value: 6-8

·       Solubility: Mutually soluble with water at any proportion 

Performance characteristics

1.   It is efficient, has low toxicity and broad spectrum, and can match with any papermaking chemicals to quickly sterilize for a long time; 

2.   It is green and environment-friendly, and its decomposer doesn't generate any pollution to environment; 

3.   It doesn't generate stimulation damage to skin and eyes and doesn't erode equipment. 

4.   It is widely applicable to the sterilization and algae killing of recycling water, sewage, reinjection water, seawater, etc. 

Usage tips

     CRM-8909 fungicide is non-oxidizing efficient fungicide, with general dosing quantity of 100-200g/ ton bone dry pulp, and its usage amount as slime stripping agent reaches 50-150g/l

Packing and storage

     The product is packaged with plastic bucket, and the net weight of every bucket can be 25kg, 50kg and 200kg, and is confirmed according to the requirements of customers. This product shall be stored in a shaded, cool and dry condition at room temperature, Shelf life: 6 months. This product is not dangerous.